Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to Health For Us

Health For Us is the Medivision weblog for current news and innovations in medicine, medical technology and healthcare education.
Since its inception in 1979, MEDIVISION has become the world's leader in satellite, video, CD-ROM, DVD and Internet-delivered healthcare programming. We have set the industry standard for quality and accessibility for continuing medical education. Our company handles a wide range of projects for the global market and collaborates with recognized leaders in the educational field on their international programming needs and initiatives. Also in the MEDIVISION Media Group is ConferMed Communications Inc., our conference planning, coordination and broadcasting service, and Telehealth Solutions, Inc., which assists clients with telemedicine training and certification as well as many other applications. Both divisions work with any size organization to ensure successful conferences and training solutions. MEDIVISION Legal Media also provides custom multimedia presentations, illustration and web design to attornies worldwide.
MEDIVISION offers a wide variety of products and services and is the solution to all your education, training and marketing needs.

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